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About us - Acelor GFE

About us

Our company

Acelor GFE is a young company based in African sub-region excelling in the provision and maintenance of industrial equipment. Consists of a dynamic team, we excel in providing industrial, marine and rail equipment in obedience to values ??that are reflected on the effectiveness of our services. Quality products are delivered to your request as specified in our catalogs namely generators, electrical equipment, lifting and handling, elements of direct transmission and many more ... Contact us for maintenance, troubleshooting, research and analysis, production and installation. We lungs and your satisfaction will be very honored to see you achieve your goals

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our team


The technical team in consultation session

Our experts spread their knowledge to better address the business challenges of the application, in order to provide the best possible solutions that satisfy.


Since our entry in collaboration with the provider, the maintenance of our equipment is simpler, less expensive and most importantly, we are delighted to know that monitoring of our machines is given in good expertise..

Olaf Drusche, Chief Compliace Officer, HAZMAG

Our crimps take longer since Acelor cares.

Jules, Camrail

We have facilities with equipment so some spare parts are at the end of production, or completely nonexistent. This company proposes alternative products which until then we give full satisfaction.